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How to fix that scary crawlspace

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

If you are looking for a way to dramatically reduce the amount of moisture, allergens, dust, bugs, and sometimes even wildlife under your house, get your crawlspace sealed! You know that scary place under your house where you stash the Christmas decorations? Remember all the spiderwebs and that muggy thick air with dust floating around? That is because vents around the foundation allow outside air and whatever else can squeeze through the cracks access your crawl space. Not to mention the radon that comes up through the exposed dirt underneath of there. Protect your home and family today with just one call!

When your crawlspace is sealed, it is just like any other room in the house. It stays around 65-75 degrees year-round and the humidity is below 70%, unlike a traditional muggy crawlspace.

How we do it

When we go in to seal a crawl space, we make sure to get every possible gap and hole filled! We start by plugging all vents in the foundation and laying down a very thick and durable vapor barrier sealed off at the walls. We seal all gaps in the floor, whether it is just a seam between boards or gaps around wires. Once that is done, we install foam board insulation around the inside of the foundation to help maintain a constant temperature and humidity. The door to access the space is also sealed and insulated just like the front door.


Crawlspaces allow dangerous elements to come into your home without you being aware of it. Radon can build up under your house, causing 1 out of every 15 homes to have elevated radon levels. This dangerous chemical has been proven to cause lung cancer and is responsible for an estimated 20,000 deaths per year. It is created from a natural breakdown of uranium in rock, soil, and water. It rises from the ground and enters buildings through cracks in floors, gaps around pipes and wires, and HVAC ducts. Sealing a crawlspace includes a thicker vapor barrier sealed off at the walls to give maximum radon protection and keep your family safe!


A sealed crawlspace helps to keep moisture from dwelling under your home where it doesn’t belong. This sticky fungus loves a warm, dark, and damp area and grows rapidly in these conditions. Sealing reduces the risk of mold growing near wet areas and it makes the environment no longer conducive to mold growth. Just because this nasty stuff is under your house does not mean it is out of sight and out of mind! The spores can come into your house through all the pesky holes in the floor and continue to weaken your immune system. Protect your family and get it fixed today!

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