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When a Mold Problem Requires Demolition

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

The black and green, sometimes gray or yellow fuzzy, slimy, irregularly shaped spots on your walls can not only make the surfaces rot but are toxic and dangerous. You can’t escape mold because they’re everywhere in the atmosphere but when you spot it in your home or workplace, you should get it checked immediately.

Below are some signs that’d help you identify when you have a mold problem:

Visible signs of mold

Many people mistake mold for dirt. Mold can have different colors and structures so it’s often difficult to notice it, especially when it’s in a small amount. Some molds look like a thread and are white in color while others can appear as patches of black spots. Mold that grows behind vinyl sheets can appear in pink and purple colors.

Small clusters of mold indicate that you might have big colonies of mold growing in hidden places of your home or office and can result in a serious problem over time.

Strange, damp odor of mold

The microbial volatile organic compounds in mold cause a strong, strange smell that makes it easier to detect them. There are thousands of types of molds and the odor depends on the type, their moisture source, and the surface they’re growing on. So if you smell something musty, there are high chances that you have mold in your home.

Sudden allergies and other health problems

If you have allergies and notice that they’re exacerbated as soon as you enter your home or workplace but fail to understand the reason, there’s a high probability of mold growing inside your home or office. Some symptoms of allergies caused by mold include watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, itchiness, and headaches. Mold can also worsen your asthma or other pre-existing respiratory issues. Some forms of household mold are highly dangerous and can result in life-threatening diseases and infections.

Past floods and moisture issue

If your house has been flooded in the past, you’ll probably have a mold problem. Floods cause moisture and create favorable conditions for mold to grow. Besides floods, if you have other moisture issues, for example, due to water leakage, you could say for certain that mold has found its way to your home. If you see discolored ceiling and walls and the paint bubbling up, these are the signs that mold has attacked your home.

When it is just too much

Sometimes, mold can be chemically treated while leaving all the parts intact. Most times mold requires a slight rebuild, although severity depends on a few factors. It is difficult to know if an area will require demolition without looking at it, so don't expect a contractor to understand your situation over the phone.

One thing you can do on your own is check for weak spots in the structure. Mold grows best in damp environments, so it is often close to a water leak. Begin your search near wet areas, like showers, sinks, windows, and appliances. If you think you have identified the area, poke it a few times and see if it is soft enough for your finger to go through. If you have reached this point, there is no way to avoid demolition, but it may not be as large of a spot as you think. Call us to eradicate the mold and rebuild the weakened structure better than it was before!

Examine the surface that the mold is growing on. If the area is brick, concrete, or metal the mold can be bleached, scrubbed, and power washed relatively easily. Unfortunately, when it affects a porous surface like wood or sheet rock, the mold is nearly impossible to remove and often requires replacement of the affected materials.

What to do to get rid of the mold problem?

You can’t clean the mold build-up or re-paint the walls to remove it because when it has found their roots in your home or office, it’s going to stay and grow until you get the help of mold remediation specialist.

If you’re located in eastern North Carolina contact Old Mill Remodeling & Restoration as soon as you suspect the presence of mold in your home or office. They’re licensed professionals that can solve your mold problem and the subsequent rebuild with the same company to show dependability and give peace of mind! Give us a call with whatever residential project you need assistance with. As a general contractor, we can handle the whole process to make it easier and less expensive for you!

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